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Afternoon Catnip: Reese Witherspoon in an Elevator

Lots of chatter about these clips today, originally Instagrammed by Brit model Cara Delevingne, showing what goes on inside an elevator at the Met Ball. Gawker was very gawkery about them. Vanity Fair was sunny and breathless, like the nice, wide-eyed girl in a clique of cool girls–see, judging from the clips above, Kate Upton.

Here in no particular order are my initial takeaways. Feel free to share yours in the comments:

  1. Reese Witherspoon is essentially Blanche Devereaux sans shoulder pads. The drawl, the cussing, the sass–all make her a lot different than her public persona and it thrilled and terrified me all at once.
  2. Where are they going?
  3. Drunkity drunk drunk drunk or other.
  4. Zooey Deschanel, you’re my silly rabbit.
  5. But where’s Lupita?
  6. Kate Upton’s squealing “We don’t know!” at the end of the first clip may have replaced Kanye’s as the response in my head whenever someone asks a dumb/unanswerable question.
  7. The elevator at the Met Ball is a lot like the girls’ bathroom at your high school.